Shared Housing, Cohouseholding, or Coliving (multiple individuals sharing a dwelling)


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TierraMar Intentional Community
VIlla del Mar, Cabo Corrientes Jalisco

Mission: To establish a model of sustainable living via ...
Solis Community
Wellard Western Australia

Mission: We are heavily focused on environmental impact and self ...
Sentient Meat
Columbus Ohio
United States

Mission: Sentient Meat is a non-profit organization registered in ...
Gemeinschaft Rosenkohl
Karlsruhe Baden-Württemberg

Mission: wir wollen zusammen leben, zusammen arbeiten, und ...
Bright Moments Community
Spokane Valley Washington
United States

Mission: Primary to our community focus is a proactive approach ...
Woodsy Way
Madison Ohio
United States

Mission: Friends living in community together and enjoying life, ...
Green Acres Permaculture Village
Bloomington Indiana 47408
United States

Mission: GREEN ACRES PERMACULTURE VILLAGE is a small, retrofit, ...
Grimm Acres Community
Waynesburg Kentucky 40489
United States

Mission: ​Since you can't have an intentional community without ...
The Xperiment
Dimovci Stara Zagora 06192

Mission: Today we are members of a civilization, which is getting ...
Woodfolk House
Charlottesville Virginia
United States

Mission: We are a mix of cultural activists, artists, musicians ...
Nautilus Corps
Eugene Oregon
United States

Mission: To create a loving and supportive environment for people ...
Eugene Oregon
United States

Mission: This will come with collaboration! From ...
Liberty Ship
Klamath Falls Oregon
United States

Mission: This community is focused on providing an environment ...
The Community Homestead on Crabtree Creek
Lebanon Oregon
United States

Mission: Embracing nature and all its diversity, we are well ...
Elko Tree Streets Community
Elko Alabama
United States

Mission: Our community focus is the building of community. We ...
Lansing Michigan 48915
United States

Mission: The Rivendell Housing Cooperative (subsequently ...
Lansing Michigan
United States

Mission: Our house consists of working and college professionals: ...
East Lansing Michigan
United States

Mission: The Shire Housing Cooperative (subsequently described as ...
God is true love
town Rezina, village Pripiceni Moldova, city Rezina, village Pripiceni

Mission: Serve God continuously From ...
La Querencia San Diego
San Diego Alabama
United States

Mission: We are working together as a pseudo-family to evolve our ...
Osagewood Ecovillage
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73118
United States

Mission: Osagewood aspires to become a vital intentional ...
Prairie Song Farms
Fairfield Iowa 52556
United States

Mission: The Holistic Goal - Vision and Mission revised and ...
Hearth Howl
Seattle Washington
United States

Mission: We want to live with people we love who share our ...
Morganic Farmunity
Fife Lake Michigan 49633
United States

Mission: To provide FT employment and year round sustenance to ...
Victoria Unschooling Project
Victoria British Columbia V8V 4Y9

Mission: The Victoria Unschooling Project is a community of ...
Solidarity Farm at Maybrook Lodge
Kerhonkson New York 12446
United States

Mission: The Mission – 1) To provide nutrient-dense, organic, ...
Mutual Aid Twin Cities Housing Cooperative
Minneapolis Minnesota
United States

Mission: Individuals and families from marginalized communities ...
Baynton Community House
Philadelphia Alabama
United States

Mission: See above we're working on that. From ...
North Star Family Ranch
Arcadia California
United States

Mission: We are a Homesteaders, Preppers, Survivalists and ...
West-Central Florida Permaculture Village
Tampa Florida
United States

Mission: We'll be able to demonstrate to outsiders how it's ...