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Ekobius Ecovillage (Ecology Crossroads)
La Culebra Amazonas 07101

Mission: Through cooperation, peace and the natural world we can ...
1st Amazon Ecovillage | Guayana Peace Trail Project
Ekobius Amazonas / Bolivar 07101

Mission: Establish an indigenous modern way of life that is in ...
700th Millennium Community (formerly 7th Millennium Community)
Maasin City Southern Leyte

Mission: To establish the self-reliant, self-sufficient, ...
Fairy Forest
Gardner Colorado
United States

Mission: We CHANGED our NAME! We are no longer "Creative ...
Spirit of Nature Global-Natives at Mt. SoNNoS
Takaka Nelson 07182
New Zealand

Mission: Healing via Huna, Higher self connection . meditation, ...
Brave New Mountain
Hoodsport Washington
United States

Mission: Great law of the 5 nations = Solution to those major ...
New York Kibbutz
New York New York
United States

Mission: We live out our Jewish values through education, ...
Organic Tribe Foundation
Honolulu Hawaii
United States

Mission: (01) Sober = Accountable, Responsible, Transparent, (02) ...
OE Fenghuang Collective
Wai Gao Cun Fujian

Mission: Our next step in community building will take place in ...
A Watership Down
Cincinnati Ohio
United States

Mission: A water-based, sustainable effort, with a view to a ...
Fertile Ground Intentional Village
Atlanta Georgia
United States

Mission: Working together for the highest good of all. From ...
The Village - Rural + Comunidad Electricity - Urban
Puebla & Mexico City Puebla - Mexico City

Mission: Business/Permaculture communities that treasure the ...
Venus Development Project
Bon Aqua Tennessee
United States

Mission: Self Sufficiency is an absolute critical initiation when ...
The Abrahadabra Institute
Gallup Washington 87301
United States

Mission: Obligatory Disclaimer: The Abrahadabra Institute is a ...
Urban Kibbutz of San Diego, Lev House
San Diego California 92110
United States

Mission: We are creating an urban kibbutz in the warm and sunny ...
Roots of Love
Marshfield Vermont
United States

Mission: We are currently exploring these 2 questions: "What does ...
New Northwest School
Fish Town Washington
United States

Mission: To connect with a higher power, each other, nature, and ...
Conneaut Ohio
United States

Mission: Changing the system within which humans live, to improve ...
A__ Rogue River Eco Village Destination Resort
Central Point Oregon 97502
United States

Mission: Rogue River Eco-Village Destination Resort (RREVDR) is a ...
Order of Tiamat
Seattle California
United States

Mission: 1. Enable the individual to follow their true will in ...
Utopia Project
South Pacific South Pacific

Mission: Self - sufficient, awakened, natural living peace ...
kehillah b'nai yhwh
chattanooga Tennessee
United States

Mission: more info later From ...
TierraMar Intentional Community
VIlla del Mar, Cabo Corrientes Jalisco

Mission: To establish a model of sustainable living via ...
Native Tao
Anyplace California
United States

Mission: Living with and enjoying our time on this Earth. From ...
Natural Law Permagora
Dexter Oregon
United States

Mission: Truth, Love, and Freedom are the core of our values. We ...