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The Peregrine Press

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Peregrine Press was founded in 1991, as a non-profit, fine arts printmaking cooperative in Portland, Maine. Peregrine Press is the only such cooperative in Maine, and among the few of its kind in the nation. An elective board runs the studio, and meetings are held three times a year for the full membership to organize events, workshops, and to elect new officers. There are 30 members in the cooperative. The space is available to members anytime to practice a variety of printmaking techniques such as collograph, woodcut, monotype, etching, photo-etching and other mixed media processes. The studio is operated and maintained on a cooperative basis. Peregrine Press is working towards being as toxic free a studio as possible.

Physical Address
The Bakery Studios
61 Pleasant St.
Portland, Maine 04101
United States
(207) 761-8226

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