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Brattleboro Tech Collective, Inc.

This entry was last updated June 08, 2012
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Meet the neighbors:

We are a worker-owned and operated technology collective, focused on workplace democracy and promoting a democratic society while supporting like-minded businesses and organizations by providing open-source website development and consulting.

Some of the types of clients we have enjoyed working with are progressive non-profits, organizations and businesses.

Services we provide include everything from simple website redesigns, content management system (CMS) installations, database migrations, to in-depth custom web application development. We support and develop open source software.

Our members have over 10 years of experience working in the tech field and with collectively run organizations and businesses.

We have organized our collective around the core values of worker ownership and control. We promote democracy and social justice in our workplace, in our community and in the work that we do for others.

We are actively committed to the worker-owner and workplace democracy movements.

Physical Address
28 Vernon Street, Suite 326
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301
United States
(802) 281-4344