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GreenLife Ecovillage and Learning Center

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: To create a learning center for all and build an ecovillage to support and care for the earth, each other and all her creatures.


Do you want to live in community with others? Do you want to get out of the rat race and the city?

This project needs funding from individuals to make it happen. This is a forming community.

Do you have skills, time, $ to contribute to make this dream a reality.

Lets build communication, community, build homes, an ecovillage, and share the experience.
I am looking for 5-20 acres to have a community with natural homes that are off the grid.
I want to create sustainability and revenue while providing a home with land to thrive.

Let's create a Green Sustainable Educational Learning Center that incorporates an eco retreat offering massage & other healing modalities ie acupuncture, reiki, Yoga classes, Green Education, with the added aspects of a wood fired sauna and wood fired hot tub to host retreats.

website at:

Let's envision the land that has multi-funcional uses to be a learning educational center and a rustic retreat for guests in nature and a home for us.

The way to create revenue from living on the land:
A Green Learning Center for teaching guests about Permaculture, sustainable farming, living off the land, cooking, canning, drying and cultivating plants and herbs.
A rustic retreat for guests to relax in a wood fired sauna and snorkel hot tub with a solar shower.
A natual spa with therapeutic massage, body wraps and salt scrubs offered daily.
Daily well being classes of Yoga and Nia dance instruction offered twice daily.
3 gourmet vegetarian meals served daily.
Overnight accommodations for guests in Earth cabins made from Cob, Straw bale, tree house, glamping tent, each with a nature theme.

Workshops how to:
Teaching green building i.e. cob, straw bale, tree house, tiny houses, etc.
Herbal Salves
Massage workshops for couples, pregnancy, infants

A Conference center for Workshops to rent for their students we offer the lodging, meals and spa services.

Call if seriously looking to help formulate this community while building a life together and learning how to be sustainable and live off the grid!


We are open to ideas for creative funding. You could contribute, donate, invest or have a lifetime membership.

We currently have monthly meetings that include creative fundraising, participating in fairs, learning how to communicate and co-create together. We have a website, business cards and a brochure for sharing our vision with others.

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Rural, Washington
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