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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

TierraMar Intentional Community

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Mission: To establish a model of sustainable living via alternative building practices, integrating methods of income generating businesses that protect and contribute to the local environment, while encouraging tourism that is in harmony with the natural biodiversity and its protection. The intention of this model is to show the viability of sustainable residential development, growing businesses, allowing tourism, while integrating/maintaining the current natural way of life within the environment, and to encourage other communities to copy the model everywhere.


TierraMar is a Residential Intentional Community Project, on Pristine Land Overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Mexico. Sustainable and ecological design of housing in which homes create minimum pollution in construction; use local materials; and incorporate energy, water and waste systems which integrate the home and community into natural cycles avoiding waste. Sustainable Living in Mexico at its best!

OK. Let's Face it. Time is Moving On. It is. Faster and faster it seems... Or is it? Perhaps it's just the lifestyle that makes it seem as if it's moving faster. Living in the moment helps slow down time and allows us to enjoy the journey... What if we redirected our energy and started giving ourselves the joy and peace we truly deserve.

How? Buy your little piece of paradise and live among like-minded individuals who care about mother earth, loving and supportive locals, clean air, clean waters, abundant fruit, burgeoning sustainabley-minded projects.

Come Join Me. Create a New Life for Your Self and Have Some Fun While You're At It!
1/4 Acre Lots (+/-) on hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Breath-taking views from $25,298usd. 10% down, and 2-yr term.

Physical Address
1 Camino Villa del Mar
VIlla del Mar, Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco