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The Abrahadabra Institute

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Mission: Obligatory Disclaimer:
The Abrahadabra Institute is a repository and distribution center for occult-related art, information and technology.
It is not affiliated with the OTO, the Golden Dawn, or any other ritual magickal organization.

• Premise #1:
Every man and every woman is a star.
• Premise #2:
Abrahadabra is an encrypted key to intrastellar transformation.
• Premise #3:
The Physics of the Body of Light is humankind’s surest path to Completion.

These are the core assumptions that define the Abrahadabra Institute. These are the things we seek to validate without reliance upon or commitment to any other religious, philosophical or metaphysical influence. We are determined to arrive at an irrefutable accounting of these core assumptions on all coherent levels, with special attention paid to the underlying physics. If we view these central tenets as an evolutionary imperative generally lost on the vast majority of human beings, it is clear that they will have to be recognized before being acted upon skillfully enough to affect any meaningful change. Since a hugely successful body of work already exists combining over 40 years of investigative research and aggressive experimentation, we are actively involved in the social networking this precedent logically beckons. This networking assumes a healthy range of manifest forms both artistic and academic. Whatever we may do to reach a larger receptive audience, we are steeped in the intrinsic meta-science underscoring this unique star model at every pass. It is important that the Abrahadabra Institute establish and maintain strong connections with as diverse a pool of forward thinking individuals as possible since our unfolding model anticipates overwhelming validation at the highest levels of artistic and scientific expertise alike. We know of no other Body of Light thesis in this world that has any rational hope of achieving this. We have a great many proofs to reveal at present, but the greatest proofs are yet to come.


For the benefit of those who have not heard of Abrahadabra, it is a modern reconfiguration of an ancient word of power purported to be invested with uniquely *magickal* qualities that has been hailed down through the centuries as especially auspicious, particularly with respect to bodily health and vigor. Its true origins have never been completely sorted out but it comes to us in written form via the Roman physician Quintus Severus Sammonicus in the 2nd century A.D. referencing a certain Abracadabra incantation technique (found on certain amulets and charms referred to as Abraxas stones) among the Gnostics. It was said to be successful in the reduction of fevers, dispelling of assorted maladies and was also useful as a spell for returning lost or stolen items, among other things! There are conflicting interpretations as to its meaning, but its geometry has never been in doubt. Formed from 66 letters in 11 sequential rows, arranged with 11 letters at the top, descending to 1 letter at the bottom, we arrive at a perfect inverted triangle of letters equivalent to (but not always strictly displaying) the entire word repeated exactly 6 times. This word can be posited in either an ascending or descending direction. If descending, the word-glyph is thought to have the power to reduce; if ascending, to exalt. It is perhaps the most basic (yet enduring) example we have of *word magick* as understood in ancient times that is still perfectly recognizable as such in modern times.


While the magickal formula of Abrahadabra does not actually originate with Aleister Crowley, he certainly positioned it for maximum exposure with respect to the upcoming Aeon of Horus. His Liber Al vel Legis (aka the Book of the Law) has proven to be a significant game-changer for occult philosophy in the modern era, where Abrahadabra is linked to praeter-human stars and the corresponding notion of Completion. It is not the province of the Abrahadabra Institute to either endorse or discredit Aleister Crowley with respect to those austerities he declares of himself. That is for his readers to decide as he would almost certainly be the first to insist upon. The Abrahadabra Institute’s official position on Aleister Crowley is that the sum of his work qualifies him as the premier star theorist of his generation. There is abundant evidence to grant him this distinction in our reasonably expert opinion and there are certain topics we may periodically engage that would not be possible without the precedents he laid in. Having said this, it must also be admitted that Aleister Crowley was much better at initiating vital transformational discourse than he was at qualifying his arguments, or even doing an adequate job of presenting relevant facts in their proper order. For that we most often need qualified specialists and there is no shortage of logical holes left hanging in the balance with respect to the conversation of Abrahadabra and its relevancy to praeter-human stars.


Although the Abrahadabra Institute is rooted in the magickal formula of Abrahadabra, its overall mission is by no means confined to this alone. It came online in the Spring of 2002 under the auspices of which hosted the (now dismantled) Abrahadabra Forums. Abrahadabra Forums was a grand (albeit tumultuous) experiment in what we came to call open-source occultism where a sacred space was created to discuss Abrahadabra and everything related to it in some apparent way. What we soon discovered was that this magickal formula is amply deserving of its reputation as the *Word of the Aeon* since there seemed to be nothing of merit pertaining to modern occultism that it did not integrate with and contribute to in some distinctive fashion. Literally hundreds of sub-forums were created to keep pace with all the specialized topics people wanted to discuss until finally, after 11 years (and millions of unique hits per month) it was decided that it had ultimately served its useful purpose. Abrahadabra Forums has had a demonstrable impact on the worldwide web and will be missed for the quality of discussions and presentations housed there, but time is of the essence and it is time for us to enter into a more proactive professional phase of networking operations.


This is because the Abrahadabra Institute is in a unique position to impart vital Body of Light principles and assimilation techniques completely unavailable anywhere else on Earth. When we defer to Abrahadabra, we are referencing what we know to be a comprehensive physics of consciousness quite unlike anything that has ever been consciously perfected. Not only are we able to define exactly what praeter-human stars are (based upon its innate syncretic properties), but can also train people with enormous confidence to emulate and maintain that state of physiological perfection going forward in their daily lives. While we are still only at the threshold of the most exciting epoch in human history, the model of Completion that the Abrahadabra Institute is privy to is hands-down the most powerful transformational technology ever captured in this world. So in phase 2 of the Abrahadabra Institute’s networking agenda we are going to be raising up self-initiated stars one dedicated practitioner at a time. We have everything in place to accomplish this right now so there is no good reason to postpone it. There is also no reason for anyone to fear what they might have to sacrifice to embark upon this transformational work since Abrahadabra does not amount to a belief system in itself and does not demand anything in payment for the rewards it has to offer. It is an alchemical projection discipline of the highest order; a remarkably potent visualization practice that is inclusive rather than exclusive. It may subtly change the way you view certain things but that is between you and yourself alone.

There is nothing that the Abrahadabra Institute extols that requires anyone to believe a certain way.
It is the nearest thing to *the method of science – the aim of religion* that has ever touched down in this world to date.

perseverance furthers,



The Ouroboros Lodge, Gallup, NM (was: The Nuit House, Olympia WA)


The Abrahadabra Institute is an occult organization unaffiliated with any other ritual magickal organization, it has been active in the global occult community since 2003 and its founder, m1thr0s, a Hermetic Alchemist who founded the discipline of Mutational Alchemy has been involved in the American occult community since 1970. Our loosely knit organizational structure is a testament to the lack of interest we hold in forming a religion, church or a following. Individualism is very important to us and strikes a discord with many “intentional community” types more often than not, who prefer to be lead. We are leaders but do not particularily want to have people following us around so we take a different approach to membership and followers than most other organizations. In this sense we are more akin to the A.’.A.’. than anything else, which is purported to be wholly universal anyways and requires no strict dogma or even much adherence to any rules but one’s own True Will. This True Will is wholly up to the individual. This makes us attractive to artists and those sick of silly religions, interested in learning together abut the mysteries of the old religions, the occult, new ways of occultism and alchemy, and finding ways to perfection.

Our original house was The Nuit House an Olympia, WA, micro-intentional community intended to be a knowledge-focused community, with little focus on natural living and more focus on an urban artist setting.The house mutated within a year into strictly and artist collective, then back to just occultists, then a mix, then no particular focus at all. Now we’re focused on creating a larger intentional community and focusing on the American cultural zeitgeist that is often embodied in Visionary Art and Nu Aeon technologies. Aleister Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema is a touchstone for us, obviously, as we are called *The Abrahadabra Institute* as are many retreat centers worldwide. Core members are occultists. The Abrahadabra Institute is focused on the formula of Abrahadabra and the Body of Light. (See Isaac Luria, Lurianic Kabbalah, The I Ching, the Tai Tsuan Ching)

We are now located in a great adobe with an adjacent TLC-needed mobile housing unit. We are in the Wild West in a great little city that is also a wordwide tourist destination due to the vast diversity of American Indian tribes and Wild West culture here in historic Gallup, NM. We are two blocks South of historic Route 66 and two blocks from Downtown Gallup. It's a great location for The Abrahadabra Institute, and because we have a secure plot now that is in the family and we can relax into some heavy duty renovations and work. I’m STILL interested in how living harmoniously with other people you’re not related to in an urban enviroment can reduce stress and waste, in comparison to typical urban boxes that only house 1-2 people.

Over the years members have been a diverse mix and I’ve learned a lot about running things smoothly, and am always willing to share my experience in a running a micro-IC in an urban setting with an Arts focus.

People interested in The Abrahadabra Institute should visit and get to know our materials available online. Those interested in the house may contact me For those interested seriously in the Abrahadabra Institute’s work, space can be made but everyone pulls their weight financially in the house, it isn’t a rich guy’s house where you get free utilities and do LSD all day in some kind of utopia. I think some people get that idea, so while that may sound crazy it is necessary to say it to some. I don't even particularily like that idea of community since it smacks of laziness and I do not want lazy people in our organization. In the past in The Nuit House all working class people or students and making life work for us in the best way we can, having fun living together affordably in a harmonious knowledge-focused enviroment. If we have a future it will be because of the generosity and support of people who believe in what we are doing.

Now that we have managed to secure a nice urban plot in a very desirable city located close to tons of outdoor opportunities for rituals and within reach of traditional American Indian peoples who know the ins and outs of Shamanism (medicine ways), we can really expand our occult activities. We’re doing what little we can to try to grow and prosper. It isn’t easy, and I know how hard it can be to start and maintain these things with all of the baggage people can bring into a situation they are not spiritually and mentally prepared for. So if you need any advice in your IC situation feel free to contact me for any reason.

Izi Ningishzidda
Soror A.’.A.’.
Magister Ouroboros 777
The Abrahadabra Institute
Ouroboros Lodge/Temple

Physical Address
Gallup, Washington 87301
United States