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Venus Development Project

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Mission: Self Sufficiency is an absolute critical initiation when stepping upon the stones of the future. We are partnering with those who provide the resources necessary to make this a reality, for all of us, no matter where we are.

All people everywhere deserve to have the ability to grow and harvest good and highly nutritious food. Reviving the family unit by providing resources for developing simple self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyles. Creating safely balanced environments while ensuring prosperity and providence.
This requires our focus to become defined as:

Food Security
Energy Security
Energy-Efficient Architecture
Pure Water
A Prosperity Plan on the land that regenerates and profits year after year.


The Venus Development Project has many things to do this year. We will be showcasing some closed farming systems as well as learning to work with the land in a good way. We will be farming sweet grass, hemp, and food. We work with an organization called Living Earth Solutions and they provide us with many sustainable and self-sufficient templates to work with. Our intention is to grow into a learning center that will support the local women's shelter and provide education and training in self-sufficiency to them. We are currently looking for those who would like to be apart of this property in its beginning stages.

Physical Address
Bon Aqua, Tennessee
United States