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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

OE Fenghuang Collective

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Mission: Our next step in community building will take place in the Fujian Province where we will be opening up MASTER TREE KINDERGARTEN. In, through & around the Kindergarten we plan to foster/engage a community, age-spanning from young children to aged-adults, interested in changing paradigms towards regenerative lifestyles, spiritually, culturally and ecologically, all the while developing voices strong in roots and eloquent in delivery.

Language is a vital part of our model and community. We welcome polyglots especially with inclinations toward native and indigenous tongues & dialects

Our set date for opening is Sep 15th, 2017.

As a starting point, we hope to have a multi-purpose space that can adequately host:

1. Culturally rich events such as:
a) Story-Night Gatherings.
b) Theatrical Presentations
c) Musical Performances
2. Reading/Writing groups
3. Craft Workshops
4. Dream Nights

Additionally, we hope the studio space is fit to practice:

4. Community Gardening
5. Livestock Farming
6. Shared art projects and exhibitions

We are very much looking forward to others joining this collective, be it for an event, a weekend for a longer-term stay.

Drop us a line if you are in or coming through the area.

Carl, Glow, Summer, Alex, Wendy, Zoeey and Jazz.


Originateve is a non-profit organization, based out of Denver, Colorado, USA, with a vision of initiating and supporting Regenerative Practices and Holistic Design. Worldwide, we are a web of lifetime learners interested in demonstrating quality apprenticeship, artistic living, and a mindful vision, all within a polyglot environment.

Physical Address
Follow the street to the far left pretty much staight down to the beach
Wai Gao Cun, Fujian