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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Organic Tribe Foundation

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  • Fellowship for Intentional Community
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Mission: (01) Sober = Accountable, Responsible, Transparent,

(02) Organic = Honoring BioLogy, EcoLogy,

(03) BaLancing = Basically Practicing EgaLitarian Principles,

(04) Equity = ALL Innocent Living Beings Have EquaL Worth, EquaL Opportunities,

(05) ReLationships = Main Emphasis is on QuaLity Of HeaLthy Happy ReLationships, not on quantity,,, Requiring WiLLing Participants To Investigate, VaLidate What Is True and what is not,,, what is Honoring Others and what is not, , ,


Sober, Organic, BaLancing, EquitabLe, ResponsibLe,

Physical Address
Honolulu, Hawaii
United States