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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

The Sugar Shack

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Mission: art, sustainable living, community activism


****Please NO EMAILS. Contact Us Via Messaging on our Facebook Page****

The Sugar Shack is a Los Angeles intentional community committed to social change through cooperative living, art, and activism. We do this by living communally in Mid-City and providing free of charge spaces for individuals and group gatherings.

All residents of our home are actively dedicated to the principles of sustainability and creative collaboration. Each of us contributes to a mutual support structure that connects us together in shared purpose, despite our diverse backgrounds.

We strive to maintain a tranquil yet vibrant environment in our building. The cleanliness of our home leaves guests speechless. We share a commitment to bring consciousness and devotion into all aspects of domestic life. We achieve this through our weekly house meetings, our comprehensive chore-sharing system, and our "No Dish Left Behind" policy.

The Sugar Shack also includes two outdoor patios, a garden, and a large 2-floor warehouse of workspaces and artist's studios.

It is The Sugar Shacks continuing mission to embody every positive potential of cooperative living, and to act as a heart of a larger community of integrity, joy and peace.

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Los Angeles, California
United States