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Rocky Corner Cohousing

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: Rocky Corner is a vibrant cohousing neighborhood. We nourish respectful relationships among our members, as well as with the natural environment and the wider community.

Rocky Corner cohousing is committed to creating a balance between independence and interdependence.

The community consists of privately owned, self-sufficient homes and a common house, which includes facilities for shared meals and a variety of other community resources.
Our neighborhood is pedestrian centered.
We maintain a balance of private and community life with respect for individual and family needs for quiet, autonomy and privacy.

We are dedicated to fostering a friendly, open, vibrant, mutually supportive atmosphere.

Our communications, relationships, actions and behavior are honest, direct, respectful, nonviolent and caring.
We are committed to equal access to power in decision-making. Our primary way of attaining this goal is by using sociocracy.
We strive to create a neighborhood that is supportive and inspiring for individuals and families.
Our community promotes the physical and emotional health, safety and security of our members and guests.
We make space in our lives for play and artistic expression. We encourage continual learning, skill sharing and teaching.
We seek out and are open to new ideas and to all interested people who share our vision and values and are able to share fully and fairly in community responsibilities.

Rocky Corner is multigenerational.

We support people of all ages to enter, stay and participate in the community throughout their lives.
We value children as members of the community and encourage their participation and leadership.

We actively sustain our community and maintain our property by sharing work and responsibilities.

Our community is planned, designed and managed by the members with attention to aesthetics and in a manner that supports our vision.
We work cooperatively for mutual benefit.
We make ownership as affordable as possible.

We serve as an active member of the wider community.

We engage our neighbors in the greater community by inviting participation in our play, in our art and in our work, and as formal advisors to our community’s self-governance.
Rocky Corner members are involved in a broad variety of activities and organizations in the wider community.

We are devoted to preserving, protecting, nurturing and regenerating the natural environment.

We are committed to learning about and adopting practices that minimize consumption of energy, water, and other natural resources.
We strive to balance farming and community life with the preservation of wildlife habitats.
We consider the Rocky Corner community, the wider human community and the health of the Earth when making decisions and choices.


Rocky Corner is the first cohousing neighborhood in Connecticut. We are presently building on our 33-acre former dairy farm in the town of Bethany. With a beautiful New England setting, yet only about five miles north of New Haven, this is an inclusive, multi-generational community, valuing diversity of culture and background. Many homes are spoken for, but we have all sizes available (1,2 and 3 bedrooms). Move in is planned for spring 2019.

Caring deeply about the health of the planet we are committed to green building and living sustainably. With Centerbrook Architects we have cooperatively designed 30 passive solar, single family homes. These are clustered near the 4,500 square foot common house for shared meals, leisure, and work space. We were chosen to receive a large grant from the state of Connecticut to help make some of our homes “affordable” (below market rate).

Working with Appleseed Permaculture to make the best use of the farmland and watershed, we are creating a landscape of flowers, berries, orchards, annual vegetables, pasture, wild flowers, paths and ponds. We will have enough space for those who are interested to grow a substantial amount of our food, including a greenhouse for an extended growing season.

The site plan is people-centered, with cars on the perimeter yet conveniently accessible to each unit.

Valuing participation, we have adopted sociocracy as our organizational and decision-making model, and have trained with John Buck, Jerry Koch-Gonzalez and Diana Leafe Christian.

At this time we have applicants to fill our affordable homes, and there is a waiting list for eligible applicants.There are still a few market-rate homes available. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a home, getting on the waiting list, or for more information about Rocky Corner Cohousing.

Rocky Corner -- a great place for families, for singles, for aging in place; a safe, cooperative, supportive community.

Physical Address
PO Box 3172
New Haven, Connecticut 06515
United States