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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Vaia (Vilda apostlar i action)

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: Socially and health minded loving spirits in some kind of co-housing. To create a kind of RBE hybrid, transition place, as an example for other people to learn from.


A Swedish kind of zeitgeist-minded-community.

We have created a non profit organization, where people have a very high understanding and interest in happy and healthy lifestyle, may it include healthy food, gardening, soil, ecology, air, water, polyamory, relationship, sex, fitness, technology, energy, cooperation etc. The general view is SHARING, CARING and LOVING. It's for you who are interested in living closely with other like-minded people and use our skills together.

What might be found or created in this group is:
• different kinds of workshops
• shows
• homeschooling...
• food supplied by ourselves
• organic food
• a music studio
• a pool
• a sauna
• a library
• a car pool
• etc...

But all this depends on what kind of interest people will have once all members have joined.

There are many advantages of creating this as a non profit org, it makes a lot of paper work easier for us.

It's good if you are interested in vegan/vegetarian or raw food as a lifestyle, or at least an understanding of a lifestyle based on high nutritional food and want to move in that direction yourself.

We prefer a no-drug lifestyle as much as possible.

The place for this co-op housing will be in the middle of Skåne (in the south of Sweden), close to nature, a very nice place. We have now found a piece of land that is wonderful and we are preparing to buy it asap! We are forming the new group now and really only miss a few more females to get going (for the gender balance). We have created the association and are gathering more info and key persons. All in all maybe 8-10 adult people can live there. We are 5 now. We have found an architect, a skilled brick layer and other skilled people and we continue to gather more contacts and resources.

We are looking for you who want to join us and live healthily, sustainably, and cheaply in an organic way.

Our different inspiration (vary from person to person in the group) is ecology, polyamory, the zeitgeistmovement, sustainabilty, free energy, permaculture etc.

Does this sound interesting? Then drop me a line as soon as possible.

PS. The co-op consist mostly of Swedish people, but is open to anyone who joins from other countries too. Women are high priority for the sake of balance, as are kids.
And you do have to have some kind of economy to support yourself from the start.

We are looking for you who are eager to live a life with a lot of challenges and personal growth together and share life in as many ways as possible and to have fun!

Don't hesitate, get in contact now!

Physical Address
Höör, Skåne 24393