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Maiden, Mother, Crone Collective

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Mission: to provide a community for mothers and crones to support each other and the children in a residential setting by welcoming our female elders to live in our community and be taken care of however they need to be by the mothers, while also providing classes and entertainment to the greater community.


We aim to provide a structure for single mothers to get back on their feet, while getting emotional, physical, and familial support, and to provide stability and safety for their children. We aim to provide a welcoming place for our crones who want an alternative to typical retirement communities. to form a collective where the mothers operate the community and the children and "grandmothers" enjoy each other, with home school classes provided. We aim to give the mothers gainful employment so that they may get on their feet and begin pursuing their life's work. We'd also like to provide a concert venue that features female musicians and a community space, both of which would extend to the general public. We eventually hope to offer DIY classes to the general public.

The mothers would assist our elders, provide meals and other domestic services, plant and tend to vegetables and herbs, manage livestock (probably just chickens to start).

We are currently looking for bed and breakfast type places in or close to Floyd, Virginia. Trust me, you'll want to stay here. We'll need a place with an existing large house/B&B, with room on the property to expand. We are also looking for financial contributors. Your financial donation will help sponsor the mothers and their children so that they may thrive and contribute to society with their very best gifts.

Some of you have a lot of money, more than you need. perhaps you'd like to retire in a place like this and use your money to make a difference in a mother's life. We need to use our gifts to help those who really need it.

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gypsy camp
Floyd county
Floyd, Virginia 24091
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