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Jewel of the Sun (La Joya del Sol)

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: MISSION: Co-create a magnificent, sustainable sanctuary to heal, thrive, help reclaim our true essence and connection to Creator/Nature, and return to Earth the era of peace, awareness, and conscious living. The need is greater now than ever before for this haven where the intimate pureness of nature can rejuvenate the body, move you emotionally, touch your very core, and fill you with tremendous inspiration - revealing the infinite creative power within everyone.


May you feel, "I AM making a difference by BEING the change I want to see in the world". Learn it, Live it, Teach it to others.

Jewel of the Sun is a forming Anastasia-living-foods-inspired sustainable farm nestled on 167 acres of Costa Rica's south Pacific coastal mountains. Amidst lush rainforests, pure spring water, private waterfalls/natural pools, and breathtaking mountain scenery close to the ocean, Jewel of the Sun seeks to bring together people looking to awaken, calm, reconnect, learn, build, grow, strengthen, prepare conscientiously....

You can experience..

Clean air to breathe
Bathe in and drink pure spring water
Tranquil 170 acres
Hydromassage waterfalls
Spring water pools
S. Pacific Beaches 1 hr. away
Miles of rainforest trails
Magical mountain vistas
Vibrant, fresh, organic, local food
Permaculture gardens, orchards, land use
Grow-your-own-home bamboo/woods
Gourmet fresh food cuisine/int’l raw food chef
100's of exotic flowers, fruits, wild edibles
Free plants for residents
Wondrous birds and insects
Off-grid power
Natural building/design assist
Health coaching
Yoga at neighbor studio & planned here
Good, private 4WD access
24 hour emerg. clinic 1 hr.
Spacious lots
Covered camping, houses built to suit
G3-G4 internet by tower broadcasto
Flexible buy-in/leasing terms

What people are saying about La Joya del Sol....

"A must-see for every raw foodist or nature-lover going to Costa Rica! Stay here to jumpstart vibrant health and a new connection to our mother earth"
- Rachel Rose, MD

" Stupendous views! Amazing food! Thanks for your generosity and looking forward to seeing this dream grow" - Fred Patenaude

"Interested in raw foods, farming, and environmentalism we searched for an experience that would challenge us mentally, physically, and emotionally. How fortunate we were to find you. Living at La Joya del Sol has provided us with just the kind of challenge we were seeking. Thank you so much for your hospitality. You've

Physical Address
Lista Correo, c/o E. Rivkin
San Isidro, Perez Zeledon 11901
Costa Rica