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Quindaro Gardens Mutual Aid Society for Low-cost Living and Retirement in Kansas City

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Mission: Reduce cost of living through large-scale group gardening and small & low-cost houses that are extremely energy efficient.


Paul Grahovac, corporate attorney, business development executive, risk manager, and building construction product line technical director, in January 2012 purchased an inner-city house in a county tax sale and acquired five vacant lots nearby. In the period 2012 - 2014, he has created an urban vegetable farm with a mission to give the food grown away in the local community with view to engaging the residents in working the farm and sharing in the bounty. This has met with some limited success. Most of the residents who are interested in the project are too elderly to provide any heavy labor. However, there is lighter work to do, and as the project expands to include the provision of other services, there will be opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to contribute.

This effort continues, and the project has been expanded to attract suburbanites interested in low-cost retirement as well as younger people seeking a lower-cost lifestyle. The vision is to use the vegetable farm, the low-cost lots available in the neighborhood, and Paul's expertise and contacts in the field of extremely energy efficient houses to help people drive their food costs, housing cost, and utility expense as close to zero as possible.

Toward that end, Paul set up a meetup dot com website called Low-cost retirement alternatives in June, 2014 and immediately had 11 sign-ups representing both retirement- and non-retirement-age demographics. At the meetup scheduled for July 5, a middle-aged suburban woman and her mother attended and expressed strong interest in moving forward to acquire one or more of the nearby lots from the Unified Government of Kansas City, Kansas and Wyandotte County Landbank for the purpose of constructing a new home.

Paul does not update this listing, so interested parties should contact him for current information.

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3027 N 11th Street
Kansas City, Kansas 66104
United States

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