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Pleasant Valley Sanctuary

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Mission: To support one another in awakening to Reality and to the full potential of each individual.


We are a small collective of yoga practitioners and devotees who have a desire to share the teachings of yoga and spirituality in an informal setting. With a small core of permanent residents, and a revolving cast of interns and retreat attendees, we co-create a vibrant and diverse center for spiritual living. We are musical, fun-loving and devotional, having deep roots in Yogananda’s path of Kriya Yoga.
As the result of inner inspiration our outward lifestyle at the Sanctuary has been shaped by the values of permaculture, alternative energy, and intentional community. We embrace all of the gifts and challenges that come with living side by side with an array of differing energies, ages and perspectives while daily attuning ourselves to the One Reality behind all differences.
Although the teachings and lineage of Yogananda are emphasized we Love all true Masters and saints…..
Pleasant Valley Sanctuary is located on a secluded and truly charming stretch of the Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California. We are a small, spiritual community living our highest ideals and sharing that process with others. Living off-grid since 2002 has allowed us to develop our own harmonious, workable homesteading model, that is centered around authentic experience of the Divine through meditation and yoga. We welcome those who want to experience the gifts of such a lifestyle for work exchanges or internships. We also have a busy schedule of structured retreats led by both residents and our extended spiritual community.
We believe, as the great yogi master Paramhansa Yogananda did, that small, spiritually committed communities with a cooperative spirit are both powerful tools for our own spiritual growth and the key ingredient to uplifting the planet.
Adjacent to state park land, the retreat acreage is a scenic blend of meadows, seasonal creeks with waterfalls and picturesque views of the rolling foothills that line the Yuba river canyon.
The retreat center serves as both the facility for visiting guests and as a sustainable homestead for the current long-term residents and co-founders.
Solar panels provide electricity, an artesian well flows with sweet water, and a large, booming garden/orchard yields much of the food year round.
The atmosphere is informal and homey, appealing to those who do not feel drawn to organized settings.

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North San Juan, California
United States