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Casper, WY Afterworld Transition Town

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Mission: We hope to create a sustainable community through which to preserve the best of humanity in the worst of times.


We're hoping to find others who'd like to purchase homes in Casper in the West Garden Creek subdivision or a nearby one (preferably West Garden Creek) just to the west of Nancy English Park and to the north of Dead Horse Hill (find us on NextDoor) who'd like to create an urban community of preppers who are focused on trying to get off the grid and coordinating gardens and security and preparing for what we regrettably anticipate as the collapse of modern industrial civilization (contributed to by climate change, population, and peak oil) and with it the global economy as it becomes increasingly clear that the voting public will not realize the gravity of these problems until after it is far too late (hate to be gloom and doom, but we're pragmatic realists). We're also hoping to network with other like-minded people across the state and region well in advance of that in order to teach each other tradable skills we're learning and establish trade networks in advance.

Our peculiar group thus far includes individuals in committed monogamist relationships and we would not identify as polyamorous and have thus far agreed to attempting to seek other like-minded individuals. We do identify mostly as spiritual or non-religious, with most of us identifying as agnostic or atheist fascinated with the study of human cultures and religions, and many of us open to more eastern philosophies and not hostile to those with faith provided that it is not in conflict with our shared values of shared responsibility and sacrifice and we before me and people over profit. Most of us thus far identify politically as liberals. We've been disappointed to find mostly religious cultists or right wing militia types in our search for others who wish to prepare to create a transition town.

Unlike many preppers, we aren't gleefully excited for a day when we might have to protect resources from marauders or become mauraders ourselves in the exigency of our survival. We'd rather prepare long in advance to create a cooperative prosocial community that necessarily must be ready to defend itself but is prepared to do so through numbers and preparation now and networking to ensure our families can survive catastrophic collapse of economy and modern industrial society, and would prefer to create infrastructure in our city that can avert the kind of desperation that might lead to that kind of violence in the first place.

Our group would like to create a group of individuals beginning in this neighborhood (it's aging population creates the opportunity for a repurposing of the subdivision as an intentional community) that could survive a collapse while also purchasing land in a barren location with a deep well drilled, fertile soil trucked, and every member of our community having four-season trailers that could be used at this "bug out" community, with this neighborhood the location we've prepped for our return after things have settled down.

We'd prefer that you are only a light/moderate/social user of any substance because substance abuse is inimical to group survival, and would also prefer if you have mental health conditions that you share those in full disclosure and not rely upon pharmaceutical solutions to cope with them. We have an interest in learning aquaponics and coordinating cooperative food production in back and front yards and using rainwater catchment, and highly encourage solar and wind energy additions, installation of rocket mass heaters in all homes, and for each family who joins us to be involved in their own preparations for security and otherwise (we are not pacifist absolutists although we'd prefer to remain to be unless defense is necessary; we'd prefer to remain nonviolent).

Finally, it's worth noting we're less than half a block away from Nancy English Park in Casper which could be used for community farming and greenhouses in the event of collapse and we as a community would work (as none of us are wealthy) to cooperate to buy materials for pallisades and for PVC greenhouses to ensure that between our yards and the park, we have sufficient fertile soil to feed our entire community. Plus, due to the hill behind us, CY Ave, and the park and commmercial district, we have some natural boundaries that make this an ideal location to protect. We should also note another thing that makes this location fairly ideal is that Garden Creek flows right next to it so we can be assured of drinking water and possibly irrigate some in the park.

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