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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Todos Santo Ecovillage

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: Connecting to one another in our neighborhood by creating a space where we can come together to create and have a caring community.


Todos Santos is a small Mexican town on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula near the end. We are over one hour away from the two larger towns of Cabo San Lucas and La Paz. Todos Santos is an artistic community with many art studios and yoga classes.

I have friends in our neighborhood that bought land around 2004 and built houses of all kinds...big, little, some sustainable and made with alternative building materials. There is a mix of gringo and Mexican people. We live in a neighborhood where the lots are reasonably priced so that the co-housing/neighbornet idea can take hold easily. (Also, there are some rentals available off and on.) This proposed ecovillage is a loosely defined geographical area comprised of privately owned households.

Our vision is that people buy their own piece of land whether they are a family, single person or group. Then everyone will donate some money to buy collectively a piece of land where we can build whatever we want to do collectively....share meals, share child-rearing, elder care, garden, ecological projects, art projects, natural building, alternative energy projects, etc. The vision is to help each other in the details of living, while we create a community that emphasizes sustainability, living sacred with the earth and supporting each other. Members participate when they want to. There are no mandatory activities. We are just forming, so the details are yet to be created.

Physical Address
La Ahorcadita Barrio
Damiana St.
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur 23305