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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.


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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: Cohousing/ cooperative life: a Nourishing Supportive Home for families, elders, and youth, with events from time to time and inter-generational life.


We are a committed couple of artist-farmers, together since 2004.
Seeking to Join or to Build a community supporting homesteading & wildlife, with open and wooded land, potential for livestock and a vegetable farm, growing veggies and fruits for our line of Nama's Farmhouse Preserves. We have been working with heirloom vegetables, and interested in seed saving and a small regional seed company of resilient varieties for a changing climate.

We envision a healing bodywork practice there or nearby, and space for creative and expressive arts experiences. A land-based, TransitionTown-minded community life is our goal, and we are ready to open dialogue with people interested in building together.

We would like to build our own home with super-local and sustainable materials.
We have been raising vegetables, preserving foods, keeping a small flock of chickens, and selling our wares at farmers' markets since 2010. We have moved our farm three times in eight years of growing in Vermont. We have found we can grow food almost anywhere, but it's the people to live in community with that matter most.

Nate is a professional massage therapist/healer, veggie grower, performer, and writer.
Ama is a chef/ culinary creatrix, veggie grower, textile artist, graphic designer, and poet.

Some values & goals of ours:
Human Values and Ecological Values held in balance:
Spiritual Connection & Relationship with Earth, a peaceful Home where All Beings are Respected
Honesty, Love, Thoughtfulness, Intelligence, Artistic Expression and Appreciation.
Diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, skills and talents.
Knowledge of Nature's Wisdom & Science.
Skills in caring for each other & children, the land, plants, animals, mutual property & ones own emotional/matters.
Valuing one's own healing, humility, gratitude, self-knowledge, and spiritual development.

We love Vermont, and feel this is an excellent place to stay and grow. The kindness and community resiliency following Hurricane Irene in 2011 was marvelous! We have made many friends here. However, it has been difficult to overcome the constant suction of "the machine"/digital communications and distractions of modern life. Most people seem too busy to take time to regularly connect. We would like to be present with and responsive to the natural world including our human connections.

It feels clear the time is now to form or join a community. We believe that we can fulfill our personal need for connection and work purpose by living with shared goals and private life, based in the attuned working of soil and forest for food and fuel & building together, learning sustainable skills, making amazing meals, music, and art.
Together we can be happier, heal our souls, and heal the earth we steward.

One Love,
Nate & Ama
Nama Farm

Physical Address
Morrisville, Vermont
United States