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Creature Conduit Sanctuary

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Mission: a permaculture village for artists...


A permaculture village for artists...

Creature Conduit Sanctuary will be a fairly complex ecovillage for artists of all disclipines.

Some highlights...

Growing food all year with climate controlled aquaponics greenhouses (meaning we'll grow both food and fish without the use of fertiliser or chemicals).

Also growing food by way of food forest and hugelkultur walls.

Disaster-resistant, energy-efficient dome-shaped structures (can't be blown away, washed away, or burned. Can even survive earthquakes to an extent - can't do much about it if the ground opens beneath it).

The use of natural energy (solar, zero-point), rainwater collection, grey-water plumbing & filtration.

Private residences, each with a greenhouse, with private bedrooms for each resident. A bathroom to each bedroom (with incinerating toilets - no composting, just ash). Free of monetary cost for each resident - instead, residents pay by working six hours each week to help keep the village operational. Residents will also be paid in the village currency for those six hours.

Village will support every art, including engineers and software developers.

Physical Address
in forming stages
Nashville, Tennessee
United States