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Snow Lake Keep

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Mission: We are an off-grid, organic, permaculture-based homesteading community committed to living in harmony with our natural environment.


Snow Lake Keep is a small queer-positive community situated on the North Mountain in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. Our group of 7 adults (6 members and one non-member resident) strive to be the best stewards of the 140 acres of forest we call home. We operate a collective homestead and market garden, employing the principles of permaculture. We place a heavy emphasis of self-sufficiency, producing the bulk of our own food supply (vegetables, meat, dairy). During the growing season, when time allows, we retail our products at market to offset our operating costs. We also carry on a regenerative forestry program, supplying us with fuel wood and timber for milling. Our community is off the grid, with some solar for our minimal electricity needs. We are currently offering 10 shares (4 remain) in our enterprise. Shares entitle each member to a home site and collective ownership of farm and forest. Our intention is to gather a group of like-minded folks, with complimentary skills together in an "extended family" situation of interdependence, to work within the larger community around us, creating and fostering a more ecologically responsible way of living on our land.

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Hampton, Nova Scotia