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Foundational Living Colony of New Eden

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Meet the neighbors:

The Foundational Living Colony stands for the "Foundational Truths" found in the Word of God, specifically the book of Genesis Chapter One, where it speaks about CREATION, the SIX DAYS OF CREATION and the DAY OF REST to recover. The Theme of CREATION will flow through the Community as each Day of Creation is emphasised; the "Living" we are promised as Children of God, as Yeshuah the Lord said, "I have come to give them life, and life in abundance!" with the attitude that we are "colonists" on this Earth, who have no permanent "Home", but seek a greater Homeland; the freedom of creativity, enjoyment, education, teaching, encouraging, entertainment, discipline, and especially SERVICE to God and one another through SHARING with one another what we have, and especially our excess with any in need; we stand for all the ancient practical vocations in life that make it self-sufficient and self-generating which will ALWAYS be in demand for the human body; Because we grow our own food, medicine, collect our own water, and produce our own children, teach our own children, we are thus able to be completely self-sufficient without the need to buy or sell anymore anything from the store with money, or associate with any dangerous influences or trouble or terror anymore. It is self generating and foundational from the ground up, and includes every establishment necessary for fullness of life, and the self-sustaining life for all of us in the pastoral environment.


The Foundational Living Colony stands for Creation, fullness of life, enjoying life to it's fullest extent, the way it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Foundation stands for the foundational things that make life life, where we are "living" creatures, having many gifts, talents and abilities, working together as a "team" for the building of a habitation of Rest for all people, a self-sustaining, self-generating community, and "colony" is a gathering of people who are "pilgrims" on earth, and like an ant colony works together to build their ant hill, the Colony works together as a team, nobody greater or lesser than the other, but for the sake of equality we work, and are servants to each other. The greatest here will be the servant of all. Service and a life of service is what the Colony is all about.
The Living Colony is to have eleven establishments encompassing the full nature of life in enjoyment that will be built. It is a University Campus in form with educational opportunities for all, with a classroom environment and "hands-on activities for each hour of the day, an hour each day set aside for each subject: music, gardening, livestock, carpentry, art, Physician Healing Arts, Bird and Fish environments, military training and discipline, teamwork practice, and Theater and Entertainment:
1. The Resting Deer Lodge- The Lodge is the central hub in the community, where all gather for rest, for a cup of tea, mate, or coffee, to relax and listen to calming music, where people can speak, read poetry, lecture, and be heard. It is a place of meditation, rest and healing for all.
2. The Morning Star Music Hall- The music hall is where all gather for hearing the choir, the musical instruments, and where all dance.
3. The Garden and Greenhouse- The Garden will consist of all 12 vegetable families, the Orchard with Apples and the Vineyard of Grapes; while the Greenhouse will grow the Meditteranean Trees like the Olive tree, Pomegranite, Date Palm, Coconut Palm, Fig tree and more; a medicinal garden of herbs also with Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Lavender, Valerian, and more
4. The Physician's Healing Center and Apothecary- This center is to have access to all the trees, herbs, and medicines, Gemstones, with Frankinsence and Myrrh, to have all necessary medicines to heal all diseases, give massages, footbaths to release toxins, and more. Vegetarian nutrition is encouraged, the most universal health care for all people.
5. The Architectural Construction Center_ The Construction Center is to have the necessary saw-mills, tools, and instruments for the construction of the Livestock Stables, chicken coops, dog houses, posts, beams, rafters, chairs, furniture, and other items. Universal construction method is the Joint and Tennon method, the most secure and stable method.
6. The Military Training Facility- The Training Facility will train people for military discipline, respect, fitness, teamwork, and good morale among all. There will be excercises, salutes, marching, and battle strategy and battle re-enactments, team sports like basketball, capture-the-flag, and flag football.
7. The Astrological Space Center- The Space Center will teach people the stars, constellations, signs, seasons, calendars, and the beauty of the Heavens. The twelve constellations of the zodiac will be taught and studied, and the other 88 constellations of the universe.
8. Livestock area and sheepfold- The livestock area will include all necessary livestock: sheep, goats, cattle, and all pets, horse stable with horses. There will be no slaughter of animals, but only the milk, wool, and horse-power will be used. No death of animals will take place but they will be used for what they are.
9. Fish Marina and Bird Sanctuary- The fish will be stocked in a central pond and a swale or trough dug around the campus, where fish will be. There is to be a continual flow of water sourced by fountain pumps and water wheels to collect water. The central water source is to have a fountain and enclosed by the Resting Deer Lodge in the center. Birds shall have relative confinement but the freedom to fly as the please. Tame birds like parakeets and parrots are encouraged, yardbirds like cardinals and finches also encouraged and fed daily.
10. Entertainment, play and skit Amphitheater- The entertainment center will be for the entertainment of the people; where plays are enacted, skits, martial arts demonstrations, stories read and characters given lines and parts then enacted in plays. It will bring refreshment to all and lighten the mood for everyone involved.
11. Resurrection Burial Chambers- Preparation for our dead is necessary and vital. Proper care of any who die is a standard. Bodies are "embalmed" (preserved) with the preservational medicines of Aloe Vera and Myrrh Gum by dipping strips of cloth into an Aloe/Myrrh mixture and wrapping the bodies with that. This is done once every week. We are to care for the body even after death. Burial Chambers are to be built similar to a root cellar, yet with more eloquence. Chambers can be built with concrete slab foundation, cinder block walls, cedar or pine or acacia wood for the roof, and six feet of earth piled on top by a buldozer or a team of shovelers. The Chambers are to have a double-door entrance where those who embalm the dead can go freely in and out at will. This is the standard for all who die and proper care of the body after death.
These are the eleven establishments for the Foundational Living Colony. All are welcome, young, middle aged, and elderly, all gifts, talents and abilities also encouraged. No one should be left out, but all welcome to engage in this great learning, building, and fellowship practice here. This is for the good of all people, all races, all ages, all men and women both; there is no partiality here. Come one and all and enjoy this process with me. Let us enjoy life again to it's fullest extent and be not hindered by anything. You are free to serve, you are not slaves. Welcome, and come soon!

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