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Cascade Cohousing

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Mission: Cohousing to develop sense of community


Cascade Cohousing is cohousing modeled on the Danish and US experience described in the book "Cohousing" by McCammant and Durret.
We have a strong focus on the sharing of meals as a catalyst of "sense of community" and have three common meals per week available in our common house. Many community members are concerned about reducing the environmental impact of their lifestyles. We place a strong emphasis on both community and privacy. Half the group is vegetarian. We have common gardens, a workshop, children's areas, guest room, TV/video room, and the like. We enjoy working and playing together. We lack a common ideology other than wanting to live this type of lifestyle. Our children love living at Cascade Cohousing.

Contact the community and arrange a date/time to visit. We do not have fixed visiting times or days. We welcome visitors subject to a host being available to meet the visitor.

Physical Address
South Hobart, Tasmania 07004