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Cranberry Commons

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Mission: balance privacy and community


Cranberry Commons Cohousing is in an "urban village" setting. We wanted housing that would support greater social interconnectedness while making efficient use of resources. With the support and services of our selected professional team, we managed the challenges of the development process: securing a site, negotiating with the regulatory authorities for development approvals, securing the financing, building membership, and creating an organizational structure that allowed for an effective and timely consensus decision-making process. We formed a development corporation and acted as the developer to complete a 22-home multi-family residential building with 3400 sq ft of common amenity area. Construction was completed in October of 2001.
Each household at Cranberry Commons privately owns a complete, self-contained home. Community connection is supported by the physical layout of our site and by the involvement of all members in the development and operation of the community using consensus decision making.
In addition to its social focus, Cranberry Commons holds respect for the environment as one of its highest values. We have attempted to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of the community design, starting with the selection of the site right up to the solar hot water panels that were installed on the roof.

Physical Address
#100 - 4272 Albert St
North Burnaby, British Columbia V5C 2E8