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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Beaver Creek Homestead

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: sustainability and learning are essential for a fulfilling life.


The Beaver Creek Homestead is no less than an attempt, likely futile, in starting society from scratch.

The goals are to develop:
1: Cyclical systems of food-waste-fertilizer-food
2: Methods of power generation and use such that no additional power is required from either the existing grid or internal combustion engine (ICE) generators.
3: Building techniques that use available resources as much as possible and passive heating and cooling.
4: Self-directed methods of education modeled on places like the Summerhill School that recognize the importance of individual choice.
5: An alternative to the current existing Capitalist economic system that is more effective at distributing resources based on effort and need rather than property ownership.
6: Alternative social structures and institutions that maximize individual liberty while maintaining social cohesion. The community must be capable of having a place for everyone, from the cradle to the grave. (Needs work!)

It is a daunting goal and not for the feint of heart. There are numerous challenges to overcome. Some of the larger of them are:

1: Climate: This area has winter temps that range into the -30c range and can have anywhere from 3 to 6 months of snow coverage. Summers can get to nearly 40C with humidity of 90%+.

2: Social: Canada has a pretty conservative culture in general and does not welcome change or alternative viewpoints. This area is no exception. Additionally there is bound to be some upheaval and resistance when changing anything that has inertia behind it.

3: Economic: This region is probably one of the poorest areas in North America economically. There are very few opportunities locally and none that are very rewarding. This makes the fact that even a limited dependence on the existing infrastructure becomes problematic.

What we require from potential members:

1: You not only think outside the box, but were born to live outside it.
2: You have expertise that will enable us to achieve one or more of the above goals.
3: Passion, Dedication and Self-Direction. You have no trouble picking a task and seeing it through to completion.
4: A commitment to the scientific method. You do not trust divine revelation or convention but rather practical, careful, testing. You have a deep mistrust of superstition and embrace modern knowledge, without necessarily embracing all modern applications of that knowledge.

You like BIG challenges.

***No habitual drug or alco

Physical Address
RR 2
3399 Hwy 588
Nolalu, Ontario P0T 2K0