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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Dream River Ranch, LLC

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: To create a sustainable environment for multi-generational individuals and families who desire to live in harmony with nature. Where diversity, acceptance of others* and dedication to good earth stewardship is priority**.

*Conflict resolution through consensus is key to fostering leadership skills in all individuals.
**Continuing education in ways to practice sustainable living brings the past to the present and nurtures a life of fulfillment for the future.


Dream River Ranch is an intentional community centered on a quality horse-care facility. Horses are highly social animals. They and all our other farm and ranch animals teach us many things about living in community; and remind us daily that we truly are interdependent on the health of our human herd.

We are more than just horse lovers. We are lovers of nature first and seek others who appreciate making a social change through working cooperatively for the creation of quality and quantity in living.

Our Interconnected Circles of Creativity are: Founder’s Circle, Go-Green Building Circle, People Care Circle, Land Care Circle, and Fair Share Circle. What level of involvement is for you?

Get involved with the Dream River Ranch and share our 80-acres through apprenticeships in agriculture, equine therapy, Go-green building technologies and sustainability living practices.

Physical Address
8894 W Martha Ave
Oasis, Idaho 83647
United States