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Mission: Sustainable Permaculture Living


EcoJoya is about creating a new paradigm in living—a new paradigm in which people live in community with each other and with their local ecosystems. Mutual honor and respect for one another as well as for the health of the environment are paramount. Living sustainably and working with nature using permaculture and similar guiding principles preserve a joyful happy lifestyle.

EcoJoya is about empowering people and communities to live sustainably, using local resources.

Our first project is in the cool mountains of Costa Rica where we have 50 acres of pasture, forest, views, springs, creeks, and over five beautiful waterfalls. The temperature varies from 63 F to 78 F all year around. We have a rainy and dry season.

All visitors and lengths of stay are welcome, if we have room. Whether you're working for food or just want to enjoy walking to our 80-foot waterfall, we can accommodate you. Short term visitors pay to stay but we are always make deals with long term volunteers, workers and potential community members that can pull their own weight and contribute.

We are currently seeking people experienced in all aspects of permaculture, farming, and, animal husbandry, construction, homesteading skills, natural building and video production.

Ideally, we are seeking 4 to 5 small young families like ourselves to share our farm with. Working together to help with our cottage businesses and educate our children together in a home schooling environment. Lots of money is not required or at all in some cases. We are more interested in skills and productive people.

We can sleep between 10 and 15 people in our current community house, with an additional structure and spaces being built. We are and will be experimenting with various natural and alternative structures, including earth-bag, bamboo, geodesic, bermed, cobb, and various prefab options etc.

We're 10 miles from the nearest large city but isolated enough for peace and comfort. We're about 45 minutes from the Pacific beaches as well.

We have high-speed internet through wireless links on the farm. So we can have the best of eco-living and high-tech tools for research and communications.

We would like to be starting various workshops that revolve around both permaculture and sustainable farming and technologies. Sustainable aquaponics is a high priority on our list.

We plan to create lots of video How-To’s and to document every part of our journey. We will ultimately want to evolve into both a prototype and a school that we can duplicate again and again as we expand to other locations around the country and the world.

We are always open to new ideas and better ways of doing things.

There is so much to say. Our website is not always up but you can try it.
Or contact us here though this listing.

We also have rooms for rent through Airbnb under the title Sustainable Farmhouse in CostaRica

Physical Address
Apdo 811-8000
San Isidro, Perez Zeledon, San Isidro de General 11901
Costa Rica