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Kingdom of Bahoudii

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Mission: Sane, Sustainable Human Living


Our plan has developed and been refined over the years as we moved from a "hobby" to a serious project. Now, we believe the plan is mature and ready to be put into action.
The plan involves a "proprietary community", an "Improvement District" and a "Special Taxing District".
This is a successful plan. It dates back to 1966 when an Improvement District and Special Taxing District for the formation of the Reedy Creek Improvement District were created.
The District has control over water, waste disposal, airport facilities, transportation, public utilities, and roads - the civic goods normally provided by cities and counties.
And just who is the Reedy Creek Improvement District?
You may have already visited there...
Walt Disney Corporation (WDC) owns 98% of the land in the District, thus controlling the Improvement District.
Yes... Walt Disney World.
Walt Disney World, the world-famous resort, is a proprietary community, a corporation running a retail community and transient residential communities.
This is the basis of our plan. We plan to seek a similar arraingement with the government of Texas to facilitate our "propietary community" and "corporate business venture".
Everything else is "costuming" for a community built from the ground up to be sane, sustainable, and human.
We welcome everyone to investigate us! We may be odd, but sometimes the best idea is that oddest one!
Much more information is available on our websites:

Physical Address
Bahoudii Consulate
5421 Broad Street
Lake Charles, Louisiana 70615
United States