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New Oasis For Life ( Lifechanyuan China 1)

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: A. New Universal Values
In our community, we have a harmonious relationship between people and nature. Everyone enjoy a simple and happy life here, the instances of crimes and fights are zero. Arguments, quarrels, and conflicts are very rare.

This is because of the solid basis of the universal values we had built before the community was established. It was initiated and written by the founder Xuefeng, and since 2001, he has written more than 2500 articles with over 10 million words in Chinese. Before participating in setting up the community, all members are first resonating with the values, include the dream of creating a sustainable new life mode beyond the limits of countries, nationalities, religions, and races; and bringing people real happy, free, joyful, and blessed lives.

So this values system and the common dream are the deep roots and energy source that motivates all members of the New Oasis for Life under all circumstances.

The content of this Universal Values includes the origin of the universe, the origin of LIFE, the origin of human beings on earth, time, space, consciousness, the value, meaning and purpose of life and LIFE; the crises human beings are faced with, the nature of countries, political parties, religions, marriage and family; the non-material world, and the way of beautifying one’s soul garden etc. It absorbs the wonderful wisdoms of human history such as those of Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Muhammad, and all wisdom essences of sages and saints from different civilizations and cultures.

B. New Life Mode

We have created a new production and life mode. We share the income 100%, all resources are shared, everything belongs to the community, and there is no private property any more. Living, shelter, eating, clothes, transportation, aging, sickness, and death are all communal responsibilities, including nursing the elderly and educating the children.

Everyone works efficiently for at least six hours one day, everyone is mostly responsible for one job, and tries to achieve it to a first-class level. People serve and treat each other equally. Paradise management is implemented here as we believe the best management is no management. There is no management teams or leaders, there is no constitution, laws, statutes, commandments, or dharma. Each branch has only one director, whose role is to arrange and coordinate the branch’s daily production and activities.

C. New Social System
- One global government + university of universal values education + ecovillages lifestyle

We have a bold vision: the earth will enter into a new age where human beings will grow up to a higher level of consciousness and create a brand new social mode. Countries, political parties, religions, and traditional families will no longer exist; wars, conflicts, fights, and crimes will disappear, and all resources will be shared among people on earth. There is no private ownership any more. There will be a global government responsible for the whole management of administrative affairs on the earth, since there is no countries, political parties, traditional families any more, leaders of the global government will be chosen from the most excellent persons who are totally selfless and fair. Besides, under the universal values, the essence of different nations and cultures will be integrated into a new human beings culture, and the earth will become a harmonious planet with diversity blossoming everywhere.


Our community was established in April 2009 in Yunnan China by a group of people who held common universal values and the vision of creating a new life mode for human beings to sustain themselves on earth.

Yunnan is a region that offers the best weather and rich natural resources in China. We set up three branches in two years and the community members rose from the original 20, up to 150. We did all the designing and construction, as well as raised all the funds by ourselves. After three years of construction, each branch became a very beautiful and harmonious environment with members living happily together, including 20 elder members and 14 children. We received visitors from more than 15 countries within two years.

Physical Address
Lijiang City, Yunnan Province