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Oasis de Lentiourel

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Mission: Permaculture in all aspects, self-transformation, arts, harmonic and microtonal music, helix zomes, creative autonomy, transmission


Community in South Aveyron near Saint-Affrique (France) dedicated to the care of oneself, the people and the earth.
We are responsible of a land of 35 hectares with a river, sources, fields, woods and a farm originally from the 11th century.
Three associations have been created to organize activities in the Oasis :
The residents association (AREL) takes care of the ecoconstructions and the lodging for the permanents and guests ;
The "Joies sauvages" association works on the natural ressources, developping permaculture projects on the site and on the people's health ;
The "Atelier d'Exploration Harmonique" brings together artistic /scientific /transmission projects on the site and outside.


Physical Address
Saint-Affrique, Aveyron 12400