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RareBirds Housing Cooperative

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: Our intentions are;
1. To create more financial freedom and emotional enrichment for each of us by living interdependently, mindful of environmental responsibilities and sustainable practices in our community living.
2. To create an inclusive environment that embraces our extended families and welcomes our friends.
3. To create sustainable practices that embody our values.


The RareBirds are a group of 6 investors currently comprising 3 couples and 2 single women in Kamloops, BC. Together we have build a 6,000 square ft home on the edge of the downtown area. We have about 1/2 acre of property that overlooks a gorge with an amazing view of the valley. Our home is spacious with lots of natural light. The common space has a large open space living, dining and kitchen area with a walk in pantry and access to 2 patio areas. The lower floor has a multi-purpose room, a guest room and bath and a quiet room for meditation or yoga. Private space consists of 6 bed sitting rooms with bath that range from 380 sq ft to 410 sq ft. each 2 units are on the main floor and 4 on the upper floor with a common area library and east facing deck. We are multi generational and adult oriented, ranging in age from 50 to 73. Some members working full or part time and some are retired. We currently have a dog in our family. Cats are not an option because of pet allergies, but a second dog might be considered.
We are a busy active household. Our members typically engage in outdoor and cultural activities, volunteer in the community and travel widely.
After 3 years of planning and 2 years of test driving, we feel we are well on our way to living into our shared vision.

Physical Address
772 West Battle Street
Kamloops, British Columbia V2C1H6