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We are located on 52 acres bounded by rivers and streams 17 miles due east of the center of Atlanta.
The focus of community is the development of an attractive sustainable, repeatable, Eco-Village Business model to replace 75-80 percent of the "external economy" with an "internal economy" meeting the housing, energy, food, entertainment, and transportation needs of a population of approximately 80 individuals.
The plan is for a dedicated team of about twenty highly skilled farmers, cooks, builders and support staff to be committed to offering a "product" to about 60 renter customers called "Quality of Life" or more appropriately "Quality of Experience". That team over time become equity partners in the enterprise which is organized as a perpetual corporate institution and upon their "retirement" essentially sell their ownership to their replacement.
The plan is to offer an experience similar to living in a small village in the south of France. Anyone who has spent time in Provence knows that this is perhaps the highest quality of life anywhere on the planet.
The "mission" of this team is to compete with the Archer Daniel Midlands, Monsantos, and other multinationals and to create such an attractive economically viable, and essentially "kick their asses"!
The Village provides a lease on demand automobile fleet, meets most of their energy needs through solar and passive house design principles. The Village functions almost as an all inclusive resort for the renters who may work from home or hold conventional jobs. The Village has support staff for laundry, cleaning, and personal services such as shipping and office services as well as picking up items from local stores. There is a state of the art movie theater and library of books and dvds as well as access to a 2,400 square foot shop equipped for woodworking, metalworking and the latest CNC equipment.
The farming staff uses a mix of the latest and most appropriate farming methodologies including permaculture, aquaponics and the grass based methods of Salatin as well as conventional organic farming. The farming focus is on Sustenance farming for the internal community as opposed to commercial farming.
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Physical Address
7980 LT Parkway
Stone Mountain - Lithonia, Georgia 30058
United States