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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Safe Haven Ranch

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: Green Eco Families with Kids that would like to work together to create the lives we can only dream of on our own.


We are a small family (man, wife, & 7yo son) looking to get out of the rat race and live a more natural, green, healthy, peaceful, stress free, and sustainable life in a small community of similar likeminded families. We were hit very hard by the outsourcing of IT jobs overseas and then after rebuilding our lives and only 8 months after our only child was born we got hit hard again by the onslaught of the corruption induced recession we all know as the Great Recession.

I rebuilt again, but this time the 18 hour days 7 days a week was at the expense of quality time with my child, my wife, my aging mother, my dying dad, and my friends, not to speak of the toll it took on my body and emotional wellbeing. And after missing much of my child’s young life and most impressionable years, and all the other sacrifices my hard earned successes were all taken away again when a major corporate client went over budget on a major project and couldn’t or didn’t want to pay their bills in a timely manner causing us to become homeless because we couldn’t pay our bills.

So during this rollercoaster ride of life we realized that fighting the ways of the new and corrupt global economy to keep ourselves in the middleclass or even just surviving was a futile battle that was just keeping us enslaved in life that wasn’t healthy for us anyway.

So through this we realized that a good quality life is about family, healthy kids, friends, non-poisonous food, good nutrition, love, and a stress-free existence. Additionally, having a young child on board we want to protect (not shelter) him from everything rotten in the world while preparing him for the worst and letting him decide for himself if he wants to fight for a happy successful future in the world we chose to leave.

During our battles to survive we have become very enlightened to what is really going on in this country and the world, and we see very clearly what is/has happened to the middleclass, the poor, our futures and the futures of our children.

We are not happy with the corporate and religious takeover of the United States of America, but there is so much more going on that most people don’t know about or realize, because if they did there would be massive rioting in the streets. Unfortunately, those that are willing to get their voices heard (even in a nonviolent manner) are scorned by those that are still hanging on and don’t realize the extent of the damage being done to us in this country. Our politicians have completely sold us out and down the river, and the mass media is all part of it, and has done a great job of shutting out the voices of those of us in need of assistance and change.

Our Children have to live in this world, and they will have to suffer for a long time to come if we don’t do something about immediately. But for those of us who have already been beaten up and silenced the best thing that we can do is to create the best life possible for ourselves and our children, which is what this community is all about.

We are tired of eating bland, poisonous, genetically altered food and we are tired of having to decide whether to pay rent or buy fresh healthy food for ourselves and our child, and we want to grow our own.

Our dream and goal is to find some acreage in Southern California where our likeminded families can live in peace, health, and harmony and be self-sufficient, self-sustaining.

We do have a strong sense of spirituality through a connection to Mother Nature and a strong belief in common decency, kindness with Karma being our guiding light, but we do not participate in any commercialized religion.

We feel that the Native American’s had it right in their lifestyle and connection to the earth but see no proof of a creator and we believe in the science of evolution.

I’m an X hired gun software developer/consultant to the Fortune 500, the US Government and many other businesses, and I used to make around 100k per year, but now my family and I live in an RV bouncing around Southern California trying to give our son the best life possible.

If you feel that you and your family (couples or single mom’s with children) are compatible with ours please contact us via FIC.

I look forward to hearing from.


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California, California
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