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domaine nepali corse

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Mission: collective, homeschooling


We are a collective farm on corsica in our first year. We are currently in search of other families who would like to live on site with us, share our projects and join our children in homeschooling. Also those who are seeking a spiritual journey and a simple life in complete nature. We are all francophones and speak a little english, but are open to all who have a similar philosophy of living.
We are between the mountains and the sea on corsica. We have another chalet awaiting a family, who lend a hand with our work in the garden, help us with our homemade products, and with construction projects on the property.
We are now keen on finding people who wish to stay for longer terms, and permanently.
Send us an email if you have questions or would like to come see us on corsica.

Physical Address
Route de Casevecchie
aghione, corsica 20270