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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Rainforest Lab

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: We are a hub on the West End that is co-creating an egalitarian, peacemaking, and sustainable nonviolent way of life. We seek to explore and practice this way of life through restorative justice, Nonviolent Communication, permaculture, trauma work, gift-economy, and the common holding of income, land, and resources. Besides engaging in community, we want to act for global systemic change. We seek to accomplish this by stewarding a larger culture of nonviolence around us to empower this possibility. We acknowledge this work will not be accomplished until every system on this planet is designed to fulfill and respond to the needs of All.


Vision Statement:

We strive to create a culture which acknowledges our interdependence, and that empowers all to live their deepest truth and stand up for our collective well-being. We long to hold one another accountable in embracing the challenge of living with integrity and nonviolence in the world. Our hope is to deepen our courage to transform patriarchy, capitalism, racism, and imperialism. We recognize the immensity of this work and seek to sustain one another in nourishing community and empower a worldview which honors the sacredness of all life.


We are an intentional community with five permanent residents at the moment. As a hub for inner and outer transformation we are focused on community-oriented projects both on the land and off-site. Our community members have a range of focus and passions from music, gardening, Nonviolent Communication facilitation, community building, animal care, group leadership and teal organizational development, mushroom cultivation, and Restorative Justice.

When you come out here you can expect to be treated with respect and compassion. This space is cultivated for self-expression, creativity, and play! We offer an opportunity to explore your fullest self with others on the land.

For guests:
Please answer via an initial e-mail to our community the below questions so there might be some clarity for us about what you are fired up about in life:

-What draws you to be apart of this community space?

-How do you embody your values in the world?

-What is your focus in life? What do you hope to bring into your life by joining our community?

Also, this is a link to a document called "Rainforest Lab for Cultural Transformation TLC Constitution":

Please also read through the Purpose and Principles and the Membership and On-boarding System to reflect on our community before reaching out to us.

Physical Address
Forks, Washington
United States