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Atwater Resources Cooperative (ARC)

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Mission: Sharing fosters sustainability


The Atwater Resources Cooperative (ARC) is a growing informal co-housing community in an ethnically and economically diverse neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut -- learn more about our area at, or Google "Fair Haven". We are working among ourselves and with others to create a socially just, environmentally sustainable and spiritually fulfilling human society. We believe that living with people who share these goals gives us our best chance of making real progress, and enjoying the process. We have no overarching ideology but are inspired by permaculture and the Transition Towns model of economic re-localization. Some of us actually read Yes! from cover to cover (

We are four blocks from the Quinnipiac River, which flows into the harbor, and within easy walking distance of schools, a library branch, a senior center, restaurants and shopping, a farmers' market, a community bank, and bus routes; we're also a short hop to I-91 and I-95, and ten minutes to the train and bus station.

Prospective members can rent an apartment or a room in a shared apartment in one of the houses owned by community members, or buy or rent a nearby house or apartment. People can choose whatever level of involvement in our activities suits them. Also, there's no need to live with us to be part of our activities.

Physical Address
67 Atwater street
New Haven, Connecticut 06513
United States