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Knowledge Atlas Co-op

This entry was last updated June 13, 2012

What is Knowledge Atlas?

A learning tool on the Web. If Facebook is "who I am" and Twitter is "what I am doing", then Knowledge Atlas is "what I know". Knowledge Atlas is designed for individuals to create their own knowledge spaces and connect what they know with others.

Knowledge Atlas was created to meet the growing demand for new and better ways for people to learn, share information and solve problems. By showing how any given piece of information is connected to all others, the Atlas provides context to the world's knowledge, helping people to learn faster and understand more.

It is a new web-based co-operative. Knowledge Atlas is owned and controlled by the people who contribute to it. Knowledge Atlas Co-op is founded on the principles of equity, transparency, inclusion, collaboration, a love of learning and sharing knowledge, and a genuine concern for the world we live in.



Year Founded: 2011

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