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Maine Resource Recovery Association

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The mission of our organization is to foster professional solid waste management practices in the recycling and solid waste arena. MRRA is committed to the of environmentally sound solid waste practices and other forms of resource recovery that will benefit Maine communities.

Some of our goals include:

FACILITATE communication between Association members, recycling markets, equipment suppliers, State and Federal government, and national associations, as well as information exchange among members.
ASSIST with the marketing of recyclable and reusable materials.
COMPILE information relevant to the education and technical needs of Maine recycling programs.
PROMOTE market development and providing cooperative marketing opportunities.

Physical Address
142 Farm Rd.
(which is also 127 Thatcher St.)
Bangor, Maine 04402-1838
United States
(207) 942-6772
(207) 942-4017


Year Founded: 1986

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