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Create An Eden

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Mission: Sustainable Community


Innovate, creative, motivated individuals looking to start off-the-grid sustainable eco-village in Upstate NY with in 2 hrs. of NYC focusing on permaculture design principles and green building techniques. Emphasis on individual privacy and community cooperation. Additional community land shared.

We're looking for land now and getting in touch with future community members at this time. We are looking at land near a larger city or town, between 40-100 acres (or more if possible) mixed meadows and forest, stream. Projected 20-50 individuals or families. Allocation of acerage per family to make an individual homestead for growing food and building your home. Size and style of home as well as paying for your home is at your own discretion. Community organization will assist in finding affordable and sustainable housing options. Common land includes meadow shared for animals and orchards ie.

I've looked at other intentional communities and I feel many of them lack natural beauty of design and lack incorporation with the natural environment.

Ground rules will be decided in consensus with community members similar to a co-op community. Depending on the location chosen, houses would be as off-the-grid as possible, using passive solar design, natural building options and permaculture principles without sacraficing too many modern comforts and technology. Members with skills in green building and alternative energy technology are especially appreciated.

The intention is to form a community of like-minded individuals who can offer a diversity of skills and backgrounds to create a society for the modern world. A place where abundant organic food is available, where we can live in harmony with nature as well as be able to reach our potential as human beings.
Looking for land NOW. Be part of the process!
Please email me with any questions and feel free to tell me about yourselves.

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Looking, New York
United States

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