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Hollow's End Cooperative House

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: We aim to make home life more special as well as safe, efficient and economic while enjoying each others camaraderie.


Hollow's End is a cooperatively minded group house share in the Monadnock region of SW New Hampshire. We are open to various ages of people, single or couples.

Those who are open minded with good communication skills are most welcome, whether you've lived in intentional housing or with others or not. A long term situation is preferred but above all, we are most interested in the right fit being right for all of us. That takes some good questions and sharing as well as time.Ideally we'd prefer people who already know and love this area, but that said, we know exploration and migration is a part of the human experience! Please feel free to reach out and start that process anytime, with no pressure one way or the other!

If you are interested and experienced in farming and/or permaculture, that would be a plus as there are dreams and space to with decent soils for a committed knowledgeable person. Think good soils and sun exposure, and a fair bit of water.

Life is busy for all of us while we also favor slowing down a bit to smell the roses, play, rest, commune with this beautiful place and others. We try to live by our dreams and goals but be realistic and flexible too.
We do put a major emphasis on health- both in body and spirit- and love the country rural life and place we live, even with a fair bit of travel for some of us. We tend towards an ecologically regenerative/sustainable view/ on things, but are not nearly as practiced as most. We're not perfect but we compost, recycle and occasionally try to share rides into town. We'd LOVE to do more of that! We heat with both fossil fuels (house has been made much more energy efficient lately) and wood.
We are a mix of ages, the youngest being 30, the oldest 65. Currently 3F, 1M, LGBQT friendly.
Our work and interests are varied- property management, artistry, retired and volunteering are some of the things that describe us. Also growing flowers, crafts, making yogurt, helping our elders and friends, mushrooming, traveling, dancing... Movies, podcasts, reading, knitting, history, singing, cooking.
Join current AM stretching and meditation practice or not... Shared activities are likely to arise here and there as we get to know each other, have time and interest.
We do share at least one weekly meal together and hold a monthly pot luck with neighbor friends as well. Our food preferences are all over the map but healthy for each of us.

We live in a lovely peaceful valley where the skies are dark at night and coyotes & owls abound. Friends and family are welcome with notice; though not a revolving door of activity. We're not big into loud parties being fairly quiet and in tune with the serenity here.
Our closest large town is Keene and the whole Monadnock region is lovely with woods, rolling hills, lakes, streams and of course the mountain itself. Great hiking and culture, two colleges, a great local foods movement.

We aim to make home life more fun, efficient and economic while enjoying each others camaraderie. We have a warm interactive habitat here- a Home as opposed to a place to live. For the best fit, you should be fairly neat and clean, positive and open minded, a good communicator, and willing to compromise. Perhaps you are also a bit wise but still growing & learning :).
We drink very little if any and do not use recreations drugs. We value a positive outlook on life, little drama and open communication.

Rooms are average size but many of the new ones will have their own bathroom. Cost varies; the right fit and mix is more important than the dollars. We pitch in for firewood, telephone, wifi and chores. Well behaved pets are negotiable.

We'd love to hear from you.... please share a little about yourself and what appeals most to you about this situation and what group living experience you have.

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Gilsum, New Hampshire
United States

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