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CDI was formed in 1994 with the mission of "increasing economic opportunities and benefits for people in the Northeast by fostering the growth and success of all types of cooperative enterprises."
CDI's approach combines business development assistance with training and education to facilitate the success of individual projects while creating a policy and decision-making environment that encourages cooperative development as an essential component of economic and social development.
CDI's strategy has three specific and integrated objectives:
- Facilitate the development of new cooperatives, emphasizing the infrastructure essential for their success, focusing on creating and retaining jobs for residents of low and moderate incomes;
- Enhance performance of existing cooperatives to strenghten rural and urban communities; and
- Demonstrate the benefits of inter-cooperative activity, while establishing the efficacy of joint and mutual cooperative action.

Physical Address
21 Goodnow Road
Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts 01370
United States
Mailing Address
PO Box 422
Shelburne Falls , Massachusetts 01370
United States

People associated with this organization

Person: Noemi Giszpenc
Organization: Cooperative Development Institute
Role: Executive Director
Phone: 413-665-1271 x2
Person: Lynda Brushett
Organization: Cooperative Development Institute
Role: Cooperative Development Specialist
Phone: 413-665-1271 x4
Person: Andy Danforth
Organization: Cooperative Development Institute
Role: Financial Manager
Phone: 413-665-1271 x6
Person: Kathleen Fekete-Bauerlein
Organization: Cooperative Development Institute
Role: Grants & Projects Coordinator
Phone: 413-665-1271 x5

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