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Mary O'Toole Hayman
The Peregrine Press
Robin McCarthy
The Peregrine Press
Chris Krauss
SugarWood Gallery
Lee Lingelbach
Peopleplace Cooperative Preschool
Chris Krauss
Maine WoodNet
Stacy Martin
Three Bags Full
Eric Odier-Fink
Justice Clothing
Karen Marysdaughter
Commonterra/Partial Farm
Randy Lincoln
Aroostook Beef Producers
David Potter
Aroostook Beef Producers
Pat Wood
Falmouth Corner Cooperative Preschool
Nikki Millonzi
Commons Art Collective
Shelsie Rawding
Children's Cooperative
Ray Trombley
Casco Bay Clam Cooperative
Maia Campoamor
Western Waldo Farmer's Cooperative