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Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives

This entry was last updated March 06, 2012
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Meet the neighbors:

The Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives or NoBAWC (pronounced "no boss") is a grassroots organization of democratic workplaces dedicated to building workplace democracy in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

To realize this, we:

1) Provide support for our members. This includes maintaining and sharing information relevant to worker cooperatives, providing technical and organizational assistance, offering joint marketing and promotional services, developing group benefits, improving access to financial resources, strengthening ties between worker cooperatives and developing relationships with other segments of the cooperative/labor community.

2) Develop new worker cooperatives and offer assistance to those developing worker cooperatives.

3) Promote worker cooperatives in our community. This includes developing community awareness of worker cooperatives as sources of meaningful employment, providers of quality goods and services and viable alternatives to conventionally owned and managed businesses.

Physical Address
2335 Valley Street
Oakland, California 94612
United States
(510) 835-0254

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