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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Clearwater Community for Natural Living

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: Living in harmony with nature and the land. Ubuntu contributionism. Co-creating community for all, IRT! Freedom from religious thought. Nutritional and mental health and well-being through sustainable food practices. Naturist Lifestyle. Positive Sex Education and Lifestyle. Native and indigenous lifestyle. LGBTQ+ folks welcome. Black Lives Matter. Native Lives Matter.


Please visit our website: if you would like to learn more about us as individual people and how we currently function in our community and neighborhood settings. Our website also has our community philosophies. Even if you don't see yourself in our community there is nice land available near us in many places so we would love to have you be our commun(e)ity neighbors!!

We are a partnership of two people living a wonderful low-tech, agrarian life on 5 bountiful rural acres in central Idaho near Nez Perce territory (monogamy is not a necessity for living in our community). Currently our little rural community consists of 2 members, but we would love to grow. This region if Idaho has an abundant climate and growing season. We are able to plant, grow and harvest and catch a wide variety of food year round. We are seeking others who share our lifestyle. Families welcome, children welcome, non-monogamous individuals welcome. We seek community who follow the ideas of Ubuntu Contributionism and Native ways of living. We celebrate the human form and mind in their totality. We do this by practicing nutrition and nudity for example. Our community respects all gender identities. We practice art, music, singing, dance, woodcraft, sewing arts, and are open to new art forms as well. We envision having a community center being utilized for neighborhood and community events. We are open to ideas, of course! We would love to co-create some contra-dancing, folk music jams, sings, community cooking and seed sharing. We are interested in raising a few domestic animals for eggs, milk and meat. We are concerned about conserving natural resources and electricity. We are motivated toward simple, non-consumer lifestyle and positive speech living. We look forward to sharing this new world of ours all together! Our community name comes from the beautiful Clearwater river which flows through and brings life to this region of Idaho. *LGBTQ+ folks welcome. Black Lives Matter. Native Lives Matter.

Please read through our full listing and ad (if applicable) and follow directions below on how to contact us for visitation and membership. Take good care. And we look forward to speaking or meeting with you. Our landline is two0 eight 4 sevensixnine2 one7. Please use this as the primary mode of contact.
We both believe that everyone has their communeity(s), even if not every community is for everyone. *We are thinking of maybe getting off the internet here. :)

Physical Address
Orofino, Idaho
United States

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