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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

The Wild Cooperative

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Mission: We are a community cultivating cooperative and facilitating relationship with nature and each other and share the knowledge of our living experiences.

We are creating a sustainable polycultural forest garden with an emphasis on healthy soil forming, building energy efficient natural structures, regenerating and stewarding environmentally damaged areas and protecting wild habitats. This natural earth-friendly ecosystem energizes people on all levels and allows for personal and group endeavors, as well as shares and returns the surplus of energy and knowledge.

We are sharing our experiences and knowledge in areas such as seeds, nursery plants, whole nutrient-dense plant-based foods, medicinal and culinary herbs and mushrooms, efficient heating sources and natural structures, ecological land and soil food web design consulting, and education.


The Wild Cooperative is an education and demonstration site in Western Colorado. In the spirit of biocentrism and collaboration, this site is offering creative space for workshops, activism, and community-building. Our vision is to be surrounded by energy efficient homes, perennial food forest gardens, healthy soils and clean reliable water. Just as we design this resilient system on the ground we nurture similarly supportive social, economic, cultural, and educational guilds.

Physical Address
Crawford, Colorado
United States

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