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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Boulder County LGBTQ-Affirming Intentional Community

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Meet the neighbors:

Mission: Our community will enrich our lives through friendship, sharing, and support, sustaining us now and for the rest of our lives.


We are growing an intentional living community targeted to age 50+ LGBTQI people, friends, family, and absolutely welcoming to others who may choose to live in this community or who live nearby. Part of the vision is to share friendship and support within an accessible, low-maintenance setting and never have to move again. For those who do not want to move, but who live nearby, the vision includes building neighborhood-based intentional community.
The housing is located within a group of 12-unit new construction condominium buildings in Boulder County, Colorado. The initial condominium building is part of a larger, existing new home community. All units are high-quality 2-bedroom/2-bath condominium flats with green building features. The buildings are elevator served; all units have private garages.
We have six initial member/buyers in the first 12-unit building, now under construction and expected to open in February 2019. We are seeking renters for 2 leased units in that building and buyer-members for the next building, now pre-selling. Condominiums are purchased directly from the builder for cost-efficiency. Eventually, there will be five adjacent 12-unit buildings - with some units sold to those seeking intentional community with us, and some sold to the general public.
Our vision is a diverse housing and neighborhood-based community that enables us to enrich our lives through friendship, cooperation, sharing, and mutual support. We choose to share our lives to build a community that will sustain us both now and for the rest of our lives. The housing and community model will encourage positive connections while honoring personal privacy. Through connection and cooperation, we believe we will be able to better meet economic, social, political, and health challenges with creativity and resilience.
Community Intention: Values
We are seeking buyers for whom this community vision is a good fit with their personal vision. Potential buyers should share these community values:
•Value and seek diversity in his/her/their friendships and housing community
•Have a desire to participate in community and share time and resources
•Value both community and privacy, and seek to have a balance between the two
•Honor individual differences and support the uniqueness and growth of each person
•Respect individual beliefs and encourage diverse traditions, celebrations and explorations of the spirit
Community Intentions: Actions
•Celebrate life together by having fun, laughing; eating and playing together
•Provide for and respect personal boundaries
•Find ways to share our time, skills and resources to save money and ease each other’s lives
•Give appreciation and encouragement to each other
•Take responsibility individually and communally for our actions
Community Intentions: Plan for Organization and Governance
Because we are buying into buildings that are inside an existing larger community, we will fall within the covenants and HOA that is part of the larger housing development. For our intentional community, we are beginning without a pre-determined governing structure or additional covenants. It is our expectation and desire that our core group of first buyers decide initially what informal and formal structures we will have for our community. We will also decide together if, when, and how we will dedicate some common space for gatherings and perhaps an extra guest room for our visiting friends and family.
We are creating our small community within a larger, new home community in Louisville, Colorado in Boulder County. The builder has an excellent reputation and has been in business locally for 40 years. The larger housing community has been under development for several years and the site for the five condominium buildings is now under development.
The housing is located within 3-story, accessible, elevator-served buildings with 12 two-bedroom/two-bath condominium flats of 1,133 square feet each. There are two slightly different unit layouts. Each residence has a private, detached garage with loft. Condominiums are of high quality, with five different standard finish packages and three upgraded finish packages.
The location is easily walkable to restaurants, grocery, retail, and banking. It is a 15 to 20-minute drive or express bus ride to the University of Colorado and downtown Boulder and a 5-minute drive/10-minute bike ride to an historic Old Town with numerous restaurants, coffee, and bookshops. There is excellent bus service to Denver International Airport, downtown Denver, and local stops. Bike and walking trails run adjacent to the site, and a small lake is a two-minute walk down the trail.
Pricing for the first building was $430,000 to $477,000, depending on floor and view; the second building, now pre-selling, has increased somewhat. This pricing is reflective of home values in eastern Boulder County. There are two LGBTQ+ investor-owned units in the building opening February 2019 that will be available to those who prefer to rent, rather than buy.

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