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Mission: Futurecomm's purpose is to demonstrate the possiblity and pleasure of a functioning, clean energy, non-polluting, small scale (or even large scale) community, and to give hope to all those who are sick and tired of the cynically minded trying to stop such human societal progress from happening.


Futurecomm stands for Future Community of Tomorrow--Today, which means that this is an idealistic and realistic project in demonstrating an example of an ideal social community that can be emulated anywhere and everywhere. There are three main principles to be concentrated on: (1) ENVIRONMENTALISM--meeting the goal of only using 100% clean energy (solar and wind) on a permanent basis; utilizing plant-based bio-compounds; aquaponic greenhouses for organic fish & vegetables (2) FUTURISM---having the architectural and design elements reflect the fun optimism of the modern futurism aesthetic; (3) DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM---trying to live up to the social and governmental philosophy that prioritizes people living in a society with the environment, instead of prioritizing the making money for individuals sake.

Community members will be expected to finance the purchase and construction of their own home, but community help with construction would certainly be possible. I'm proposing five types/styles of houses from current manufacturers to be available as choices: Geodesic Domes, ICOSA Pods, NOMAD Microhouses, A-Frames, ROMERO LV Houses.

Physical Address
48 Turnor Ave.
Hamden, Connecticut 06517
United States

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