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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.


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Mission: Our vision is to create an ecologically sound, self-reliant community, combining the latest technological advances in bio-culture and energy efficiency.


Sunburst is a community whose ideology revolves around combining alternative-technology education with holistic living.

We are an interconnected network of allied small groups of people living communally in New Hampshire, USA.

We provide our essential needs for food, shelter, energy, healing, companionship and self-actualization by sustainable growing practices, by harvesting renewable energy for heat, electricity and mechanical work, by caring for animals, wild and domestic and by sharing life with each other.

We commune with each other with shared meals, dances, optional spirit practices as well as regular meetings and shared work on the grounds.

We generate value for ourselves, for each other and for our neighbors by selling extra food and plant medicine, education, forest products, alternative energy technology , natural healing and other business ventures.

Our land {Each site} holds a group of private, personal homes, emphasizing small, energy efficient and simple buildings made from local materials, with centralized community space for dinners, music, dancing, lectures and movies.

Natural healing is accomplished through the innate healing abilities of our bodies, assisted by practitioners of chiropractic, massage, meridian therapy, herbalism, reiki, counseling and yoga. For our purification, our community has facilities for bathing, swimming, hot water soaks, sauna and sweat lodges.

Food production is from foraging, gardening, greenhouse hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaculuture, farming, permaculture and agroforestry.

We intend our community to be an exemplary model of responsible living on planet earth, teaching others our culture, on site and on www.

Visitors are encouraged to come and learn, for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks, with several options for exchange of value.

Some of the interests and skills of current community members are solar and wind power, compost heating, filtered rainwater, natural-style parenting, greenhouse farming, homeschooling, music, and worker-owned cooperative businesses.

The community plans to be self-supporting, providing jobs through intense aquaculture, hydroponics, beekeeping, internet business, recumbent-bicycle making, soap making and perfumes. Sunburst is a home for those who share high ideals and who know that tomorrow is built today. We are presently in the formative stages: We now own 140 acres (50 acres of farmland, 48 acres on a lake Lake Wentworth and 42 acres where we are building our home ), located close to each other . (We are joining another community with 42 acres on which to build our buildings and residential housing).

We want our members to reside in "tiny homes" , members can bring their own or reside in ours.

We are building the relationships and the organizational foundations of a community. We are planning on building a cluster of energy-efficient domes and developing a conference and education center which will demonstrate conservation of energy resources and sustainable agriculture.

This coming spring (17) we are purchasing and constructing two large greenhouses, to house our tomato and vegetable crops. Also will be building/buying two "storage containers" where we will building a barn out of them.

We welcome people who have "tiny homes and/or small homes on trailers" to join us at our community now. We are in the process of purchasing a community building where we will have meetings and group dinners. The community house will include a pro-type aquaculture system utilizing fish and vegetables. Also we plan to install a underground thermal storage tank for our compost heating system combined with our solar hot water and rocket stove's. This spring we will be putting up another greenhouse for our hydroponic gardens. In addition we will be building a "living pond" and constructing two sheds to house our rabbits and chickens.

Like-minded persons who are ready to develop and explore themselves in a setting of openness and trust are invited to inquire about Sunburst, either as prospective members or as investors in a socially responsible alternative environment

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Durham, New Hampshire
United States

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