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Fellowship for Intentional Community: Our mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

Brave New Mountain

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Mission: Great law of the 5 nations = Solution to those major problems faced by your great grandchildren.


It’s natural that creative folks who don’t fit the American lifestyle will desire belonging to a special community, and as expected, most intentional communities listed here identify with special interests. However, there are also intelligent folks who desire to work for true solutions intentionally in a caring community but who do not strongly identify with these established labels of dietary, drug, schooling, social, religious, sexual, leadership and political stereotypes. Whether one eats sprouts, tofu or road kill is not important. It seems that many of these behaviors, rules, rights, superstitions are counter-productive to the freethinking required to create solutions for a bright future.
A great problem faces the “civilized” world. Whether it’s about energy, food, water, housing, transportation, brainpower, or businesses, most (over 80 percent) of America’s resources are obscenely wasted.
Though difficult for a lone person, it is possible with resource-based economy that a community’s consumption can be reduced to a small fraction of the average, while productive adventures (gardening, hiking, creation, research, learning, invention, travel, laughter, reading, writing, free time) can be dramatically increased. Freedom for all can very simply replace the current sad situation of slavery for most.
This forming Mountain-based community already has 20+ acres of pristine forest mountain, equipment, a sawmill, free hydropower, treehouse resources, etc, and is ready for activity. We seek very rare independent (non-labeled) folks and families who desire a wholesome, intelligent problem-solving community.
Many folks are confused and fearful of the future, some want to go back to the past. “Little house on the prairie” is quaint, but can world solutions for a great future come from an uninformed viewpoint? Similarly, it seems unlikely that a heavily labeled special-interest community will actually have the time to invent a great future.
Finding the economic and technical answers to a practical “new world” future requires intelligent people with skills to build true solutions. If you understand that true progress takes change and that the future is not the past, please write SPECIFICALLY (no time for those average bulk spammers).

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Hoodsport, Washington
United States

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